Vision Statement

Superior service and customer satisfaction is our vision. We are not a cookie-cutter business and we’re aware that each of our customers is unique in their own way therefore, we customize each move to accommodate the needs of each individual customer.

This is achieved by: accurate and honest estimates, 24/7 customer support prior to and after your move day, and employing the best people. We prescreened every employee and provide extra training to meet our safety and compliance standards. 

During our hiring process, a full background check is conducted along with any necessary drug/alcohol testing, driver fitness, and moral fitness. We order random drug and alcohol testing based on suspicion testing as well. We are a zero-tolerance corporation for any kind of tomfoolery and BS. We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are comfortable and their best interest is protected. 

Our employees receive sexual harassment training on a regular basis. Safety and compliance are reinforced on a daily basis. We are bonded, fully licensed, and fully insured. Needless to say, professional experience and awesomeness are pre-employment qualifications. Nonetheless, we’re an equal-opportunity employer and we value diversity. 

Our staff is a melting pot that’s one of many factors which makes us a great company. Our employees receive extensive ongoing training about safety, professional ethics, customer privacy protection, respecting people’s home and their premises, and handling their personal property with the utmost care. 

We have strict rules and guidelines in place regarding employee conduct towards customers and their property and personal information. We heavily invest in top-of-the-line technology in our industry to protect our customer’s privacy rights. 

Peace of mind is our vision & the best value for your money when you choose Nest Moving & Storage. The key to customer satisfaction is high-quality employees.  Whilst we embrace all walks of life granted we are a small family-owned business, our employees must naturally fit in like family members and have that awesomeness ingredient.

Our Vision

To fit in they must embrace our work-family culture, ethics, and professionalism, and abide by our code of conduct. Last, but not least they must be committed to supporting our customers with the highest quality service and privacy protection in the moving service industry

A team meeting is always scheduled before each move to ensure that your move will be a breeze for both you and our team. Each of our employees is informed of any special requests or nuances a customer may have prior to moving day. No matter how big we grow as a business our work-family culture and quality service are never diluted. 

Besides the fact that we cultivate a loving and healthy work-family environment, we believe that when we take good care of our employees and make them happy their performance is superb and it shows through our raving customer reviews. Healthy work-family culture is the foundation of the success of our business. Without this foundation, our vision would be distorted and our turnover rate would be high. 

Then, we’re left with unhappy customers, disgruntled employees, and a failing business. If we fail to understand our employees’ needs how can we meet our customer’s needs when our employees enter their homes? All of our customers are heard and felt from their initial inquiry to the very end of their move. Repeat business and customer satisfaction are what we thrive on and strive for. 

Our business model is not volume moving that’s low-quality service. We don’t believe in short-term relationships with our customers. We integrate our customers into our work-family culture and they become a part of our success story. Unlike most moving companies out there who are one and done, our customers become our loyal clients for life

We are happy to bubble wrap all 500 of grandma’s little knick-knacks and gently place them in a box. Honest estimates, breezy move but never brief and low-quality. We are thorough and we’re here to assist you in your transition every step of the way, so you can relax and have peace of mind. Everything will be a breeze when you choose Nest Moving & Storage.